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It doesn’t get many visitors and it gets quite lonely around here, so thanks for coming by. Here you’ll find all our key legal policies.

So, what brings you here? If you want to know what we do with your data, you can check out our Privacy Policy. Here's a very abridged version:

If you're checking to see what you're allowed to do with photos we've taken for you, unfortunately we don't have any of that information online as each job gets its own usage licence. You'll have to check the contract or agreement we sent you when you got your product or booked your shoot. If you're in doubt or can't find the agreement, send us an email and we'll be able to re-send a copy to you. Remember that even if a photo is of you, we still own the copyright to all photos we've taken and you're still bound by our agreement when it comes to using, copying and redistributing the photos.

You can read our full policies below.