Hello, I'm Richard.

I’m a countryside maniac with a passion for first aid and a great eye for photography. Actually, both eyes are pretty good when it comes to photography, something that you’ll find really useful. Hopefully more useful than my first aid skills!

Oh, and there’s my sense of humour too — a vital ingredient in any photoshoot. Why? Not everyone loves getting their picture taken. It’s like standing on stage in front of a crowd — it can be nerve-wracking. I know, I've been there. But not any more — humour gave me the confidence to go for it and I’ve seen how it can relax even the most anxious person.

If you don’t like getting your picture taken, don’t know what to wear, don’t like your face, have no idea how to pose — I can help you. With plenty of time and a low-stress atmosphere, you’ll be relaxed, genuine, and I’ll capture the real you in your pictures. That’s what you want. A great picture that shows the confident, relaxed real you — not someone who’s been caught in the headlights.

Richard Barron, Headshot Photographer

"I increase people's confidence and approachability with amazing headshots."

Richard has been photographing things his whole life, and refined his headshot skills with some of the best photographers in the industry. He’s a member of the Headshot Crew, the Guild of Photographers and has achieved a professional Certification with The Xperience Group of Professional Photographers. When he’s not behind the camera, he’s probably in the countryside somewhere or volunteering his first aid skills in the community.

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Here's what Richard's clients say

"Just back from a visit to RKAB Works ... what a breath of fresh air. Professional but very welcoming and for someone who hates being in front of the camera, very reassuring and relaxing. Richard has way of guiding you that never once felt pressured. His skill with lighting and his keen eye made for some amazing shots."

Karen and her horse.

"Oh my God Richard, they are AMAZING! How lucky am I to get such stunning pics. I can’t stop looking at them!"

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