Coronavirus Safety

To keep us all safe during the coronavirus pandemic, we've made some changes so you can still have your Headshot Experience.

A drawing of a woman with a blanket over her shoulders and a thermometer in her mouth

If you're not feeling well

  • If you’re not feeling 100%,
  • showing any symptoms of COVID-19,
  • have been in contact with anyone told to isolate by NHS Scotland Test & Protect, or
  • have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19,

please stay at home and email [email protected] to rearrange your shoot at no extra cost.

A drawing of a bottle of hand sanitiser

Using hand sanitiser

At the start of the session we’ll be using sanitiser to clean our hands and we ask you to do so too. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout your session.

A heart shape with two footprints and "2 metres" written on it

Social distancing

We’ll be keeping 2m apart during your session and using protective equipment if we need to come closer.

A cartoon man, waving, holding a camera, and wearing a mask.

Face coverings

We’ll be wearing masks throughout your shoot, but you can take yours off when we are photographing you!

A card reader with a contactless payment card

Contactless payments

Our preference is for contactless or online payment, but we will still be accepting cash.

A drawing of an assortment of cleaning products including bottles, gloves, and brushes

Studio cleaning

We’re cleaning the studio in between each session to make it as safe as we can for you and for us.

Our Headshot Experience is open for business and getting you great photos, as always.

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